Snežnik Castle

Loška Dolina
1386 Stari trg pri Ložu, Slovenia

Snežnik Castle

The Dormouse Hunting Museum: offers a genuine demonstration of the lifestyle of hunters, dormouse hunting and the usage of dormice for commercial and culinary purposes in the past and today.

sneznik dormouse exhibition

dormouse trapdormouse trap
dormouse trap

The Hunter's Collection: includes the trophies of autochtonous wild animals from the Snežnik-Javornik massif and Cerknica Lake areas.

Snežnik hunter's collection

Snežnik Castle was first mentioned in records in 1296. Its present image is the work of its last owners - the Schoenburgs. Today it is considered to be one of the best preserved castles in Slovenia.

Guided museum tours for groups are conducted throughout the year upon previous announcement in writing or by phone.

Dormouse Hunting Night: On the first Saturday after September 25th.

For information, please call: ++ 386 (0) 61 707-814

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